The fast and easy way to get MacBook mockups

If you’re a designer or marketer looking for the easiest way to get high-quality MacBook mockups in 2022 you’re in the right place. Find over 270 mockup scenes perfect for showcasing your app.

The fast and easy way to get MacBook mockups

Everyone knows MacBook Mockups are an essential ingredient in any marketer’s toolbox. But the trouble is they can be a pain to make. First, you’ll spend time searching for suitable scenes, then spend time formatting each one.

Mockuuups Studio lets you paste in your visuals to over 1300 curated device mockups in just a few clicks. And in a moment, we’ll show you how to get MacBook mockups for free.

But first - let’s walk you through the updated collection…

Updated MacBook mockups for 2022

This month, we’ve refreshed the MacBook Pro collection with more remote working scenes. Because as we go into 2022 it’s clear more and more companies are jumping on the remote work bandwagon.

I mean, if you had the choice to hire someone within 30 minutes of your office or access global talent. You'd choose the latter, right?

Yahoo Japan seems to get this, after announcing their letting staff work anywhere in the country and even pay their flights when they want to come in!

Grey MacBook mockup on user’s laps

MacBook mockup on a user's laps

MacBook mockup on a peach colored table with a fancy flower vase

MacBook mockup on a table with a beautiful painting behind it

MacBook mockup at night with a reading lamp shining over it

If this glimpse piqued your interest, check out the rest of the MacBook mockup collection here. Find over 270 Macbook mockups including legacy models and the all-new MacBook Pro.

With scenes ranging from up-close interactions to contrasting work settings, and standalone transparent MacBook mockups. Find endless material for all your product marketing needs!

Here’s how the MacBook mockup generator works

If you've been hunting around for MacBook mockups, you’ve realized they come in different formats and sizes…

Macbook Mockup Generator

Here you can drag and drop your visuals and preview the entire collection at once without using Photoshop. Start by pasting in your visuals and your designs snap pixel-perfectly to the entire collection. Filter between 1300+ high-quality devices mockups ready for sharing!

Need MacBook mockups for Figma?

Mockuuups Studio integrates with Figma. Select your frame and open the Figma Mockup plugin. From there you can browse the entire mockup collection pre-formatted for you and import your favorite right back to your document.

Ready to level up your mockup game?

Save endless hours formatting generic templates. Get instant access to stunning MacBook Pro mockups today! Try Mockuuups Studio for FREE

What's Mockuuups Studio?

Super-easy mockup generator with more than 4400 high-quality scenes. Available on macOS, Windows and Linux.

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