Smartphone mockup and romantic dinner


Device mockups provide an invaluable aid in marketing, social media, and presentation. Anything from a watch to a computer can be represented on a physical device, allowing creative designers to deliver their message more effectively. This particular mockup scene is of an elegant romantic dinner for two at night. The two diners are situated beneath a star-studded sky, with a bottle of champagne, two dishes, and two glasses of wine set up on the rustic farmhouse table. In the foreground is a smartphone with the scene reflected in its screen. The romantic atmosphere of the scene makes it ideal for showcasing apps and websites related to love, food and lifestyle. Being a vector-based design, it can be easily edited and scaled without any loss of quality, so that it can fulfill the needs of various projects. What’s especially impressive is that the scene can be easily used within the popular design tool Figma, allowing designers to quickly compose and create mockups with a personal touch.



  • Simply drag & drop your screenshot or import from Figma, Sketch and Photoshop
  • No need to download and store large design files
  • High-Resolution (6192×4128)
  • No watermarks
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iPhone 14 Pro Mockup

Smartphone mockup and romantic dinner

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