Smartphone mockup with a love theme


Device mockups play an important role in successful marketing, social media and presentations. They are an effective way to showcase your designs to the public in a realistic and relatable way. This unique smartphone mockup with a love theme could fit any brand’s needs with its bubbly and vibrant atmosphere. The design on the device's screen displays a romantic message decorated with hearts and petals that’ll once again drive the point home. The neutral background and complementary blush pink tones combined with the soft pastels of the phone will bring the visuals to life. This mockup scene is of a high-quality resolution, complete with transparent shadows, that can easily be personalized to your own creative needs and purposes. After customizing it to your heart’s desire, you can access this file via Figma, the cloud-based Software Design app, to easily share the final design with your audience.



  • Simply drag & drop your screenshot or import from Figma, Sketch and Photoshop
  • No need to download and store large design files
  • High-Resolution (5362×3575)
  • No watermarks
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iPhone 14 Pro Mockup

Smartphone mockup with a love theme

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