How to create mockups in Figma?

Mockuuups Studio is well integrated into Figma and allows you to create new mockups from your design without the need to leave Figma. You can browse, filter and export all the mockups in our gallery.

Creating a mockup in Figma:

1. Install Figma Mockup plugin from Community page

2. In Figma, with the frame you want use selected, navigate to Plugins and select Mockuuups Studio.

Create mockups in Figma

3. Mockuuups Studio plugin window will open with your frame already applied to all the mockups. Here you can browse and filter all the mockups to find the one you like.

4. Double click on a mockup to open it.

5. To export a mockup click on the ‘Export’ button in the top right corner. 

You can select a size you want and the location where to export the mockup to. Exporting as a file will save the mockup on your drive. ‘Place into Document’ will add the mockup to your Figma file.

6. Done! Your mockup is ready!

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